aka Penname: Lady Lye

If you don't give a crap about anything but fanfiction, enter P:LL here.

However, if you are a conscientious individual, here's the new scoop:

America has become a hypocrisy. Hard-won freedoms are being stripped from people. Voices are being silenced. Unnecessary wars are being declared. The Media has been cowed into compliance, and you can no longer find a truthful account of the current state of affairs on ANY US news station.

These are sad and troubling times.

Because I truly beleive that there are serious problems occuring in this nation, I have altered P:LL's orientation somewhat to include documents in protest of current events, and promoting viewpoints and awareness that are being suppressed.

I beg you to look around and read the peices posted here, and to participate in discussions at the Yahoo! Group I'm setting up.

The Bill of RightsDissected and made sense of by Lady.
CommonDreams.orgReal people, real essays, real, common dreams.
Not In Our NameNO war with limits... NO detentions & round-ups... NO Police State Restrictions
Rense.comSome excellent essays and such. Very nice.
SubversivetalkI like this dude.
The OnionA newspaper dedicated to satire. MUAHAHA. Insightful.
Bart CopDelicious.
Media WhoresSQUEE. Gotta love the title.
American Crusade 2001+ Trading Cards! @The Infinite JestCollect am all! Civil Rights at Guantanamo Bay: Irrelevant.
The Infinite Jest"Like The Onion, only bitter.
A Message From The Ministry Of Homeland DefenseAWESOME re-designed WWII propaganda posters.
Democratic UndergroundMUAHAHA.
Bushisms.comThe classic. If you have not seen or heard of this- wtf, man!? Where've you BEEN since Campaign 2000 started!?